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Hatch River Expeditions, rafting since 1934.

We were the first whitewater rafting company in North America and are extremely proud of both our rich family tradition and unparalleled rafting history. Bus Hatch started running the rivers of northeastern Utah in 1929. A carpenter by trade, he built himself a boat to slake his curiosity about what was downstream. River running quickly turned into a passion for Bus, and his enthusiasm spread. Soon people were asking Bus to take them downriver and, well, an industry was born.

Today, we are a small family run company that believes in treating people right. We believe in providing the safest, most exhilerating and memorable white water rafting trips on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon at a reasonable price.

Our guides average over 13 years experience. Their years of commitment to sharing the things they know and love about the Grand Canyon, geology, wildlife and history adds up to a superior trip for you. Throughout your entire adventure, our experienced river rafting guides will pamper, educate, and entertain with their tales both true and tall.

Hatch River Expeditions is proud of the commitment that we have made to protect, conserve, and preserve the Grand Canyon. We recycle many of the waste materials we produce, run BioDiesel fuel in many of our vehicles, compost food waste, and to the extent possible we try to purchase locally grown or made foods and goods. We support many organizations that enrich the Grand Canyon community and the Canyon itself. To see some of the ways we support our community and environment, check out the "Get Involved" section under Whitewater Resources.  

HC 67 - 35 HWY 89A
Marble Canyon, AZ, Utah 86036

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